Improving VTech Working Conditions

Improving VTech Working Conditions at their Factory in Dongguan, China

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For the past few months, we have been working on a campaign to improve VTech’s factory conditions. There have been reports of VTech’s ‘factories’ in fact being sweatshops. For the full report, see the link:

Consequently, we decided to research further upon this issue. Having done this, it seemed that the workers of VTech were under truly horrible conditions. We wanted to help them, and are now raising awareness to promote understanding of this issue and also labour rights in general.

Gaining the attention of VTech will make it possible for us to set up a meeting with them, as in the past they have refused.

Working Conditions at VTech’s Factory:

All pictures are from the Institute of Global Labour and Human Rights’ Flickr page.¬†Check out the full slideshow on Flickr:

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They are a huge multinational company whose main product are cordless phones and electronic toys.

They have consumers all over the world, ranging from parents buying toys – to large supermarkets ordering electronics – to hotels installing cordless phones.

You may very likely be a consumer too!

Check out some of the articles published regarding VTech’s working conditions:





- Tech giants on Trial as Report Reveals More Chinese Factory Abuses
- Mums React to VTech Sweatshop Toy Allegations – Kids’ Toy Maker Accused of Wage Slavery
- Suicide Hell Inside VTech Sweatshop
- Chinese Manufacturer VTech Accused of Human Rights Abuses


Please do keep in mind that all information presented on our website is purely based off of the Institute of Global Labour and Human Rights’ report “VTech Sweatshop in China” as well as news articles sourced online. We have not conducted independent research on VTech’s working conditions. Any concerns and opposing views should be directed at the individual sources.¬†

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